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My alarm goes off at 6.30am, I do my best to ignore it, however its usually followed by my 3 year old excitedly climbing on top of me declaring ‘its morning time!!’ I grab a strong coffee and begin the morning dash of pack-ups and kindy.

Flower Essences Case Story – Meltdowns in Autism

Article written by IICT member, Kelly Burch.

The mother of a 6 year old boy, Peter*, was told by her child’s psychologist “We’re going to have to put him on anti-psychotics”. He was out of control and the meltdowns were severe.

She had come across my Essences for Autism project and told the psychologist, “Let’s just try this first.”


Why Do We Have Art?

By Glenda Needs

BA, GradDip CAT, MDisSt, GradCertNeuroSC

Head of Art Therapy, IKON

It is an interesting question that science has been grappling with for many centuries.  From an evolutional point of view, art has to serve us in some ways for our species to have retained it.  Darwin proposed what is called the “Peacock Principle”.  This was part of the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’, or even survival of the fittest species.  Therefore, a peacock tail was designed to be a sign of superiority,  (a sickly peacock with a pathetic tail will supposedly be less virile), in order to make the male more sexually attractive to the peahen and thus ensure the survival of the species.  So Darwin then generalized this to suggest that all art is about sexual desirability.  Mind boggling to think about.


How Does Art Heal

By Glenda Needs

BA, GradDip CAT, MDisSt, GradCertNeuroSC

Head of Art Therapy, IKON

One question I am frequently asked in my role as an art therapist and teacher is “How does art heal?”   As any art therapist will tell you, art making is a healing process, but our understanding about how this happens is not yet clear.  Some interesting studies over the past few years demonstrate that art making is not merely a distraction technique, but that it can be a significant mood regulator.


One way of being happy in unhappy environment is to pretend that you are happy and act if as you train your mind to be happy. The issue with this way is that mind will think that unhappy environment is what you need to feel happy and it will keep creating situations which will bring you further unhappiness on a deeper level.


Art Therapy and Neuroscience

By Glenda Needs

BA, GradDip CAT, MDisSt, GradCertNeuroSC

Head of Art Therapy, IKON 

Although the field of arts therapy has a long history, particularly in the UK and USA, justification for the use of the arts has been through qualitative or anecdotal evidence. Very little research has been directed toward the neurological functions and cognition theories that support the use of arts as an effective therapeutic tool. Verbal counselling relies on the patient or learner, to verbally construct and reconstruct their personal stories in such a way that provides new insight and the opportunity for growth. Arts therapists incorporate arts mediums into this story telling process in order to engage other senses, access other material and to widen the patients’ scope of potentially therapeutic engagement. 


I’m a survivor of Depression. I’m a survivor of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I’m a survivor of Anxiety. Would you like to be a survivor to? Please believe me that “relief” can be achieved through natural alternatives. My personal journey involves Reiki (which is an ancient Japanese hands on healing technique, similar to energy healing). With daily application of this natural and alternative therapy, wonders have abounded for me.


Art Therapy – Meaning and Healing

As an Art Therapist, one of my most privileged experiences is in witnessing the journey of a client from the initial visual representations of darkness and despair, to the blossoming imagery of positive outcome, even when circumstances have not yet or cannot be changed. Creating this positive imagery frequently enhances the quality of life for the client.  It is often easy to forget that anything we wish for, we must first imagine!  Art Therapy enables a vivid imagining of a positive outcome and often gives great hope for the future.


Art Therapy and Personal Bliss

Do you find yourself saying or doing things that are not aligned with who you truly are? Or you find difficult to connect with joy and meaning? Well, perhaps you are missing out what is most important in your life.

A sense of Bliss.

You may be familiar with Shitzhu which is a Chinese breed of dog, but what about Shiatsu? Similar sounding name but quite different!



How to calculate your personal year number using numerology

We are now approaching the middle of the year, are you on track for what this year has in store? In 2014 we are in a Universal Year of 7. This means the world as a whole should be reflecting on the lessons from the past, and contemplating how to apply these learnings for the future benefit of the planet.

The most effective way of sabotage is self-sabotage. If you work hard to bring changes in to your life and every time you are almost there and everything seems to be falling in place something goes wrong you are sabotaging your accomplishment. Self-sabotage is difficult to identify because it is illogical yet it is perfectly sensible if you feel/think/believe that this is all you deserve in life. Whilst it may look like other people act as obstacles to your happiness it is you who create your circumstances in order to not have any better than you currently have.


There is much historical data available concerning the handling of so-called “mental health” issues, which term is derived from the idea that the root cause of emotional problems lies in the mind. The word “mental” is of course an English language expression coined in comparatively recent centuries. From the middle ages Lunatic or Insane asylums were common as was the exorcising of Demons and in the more “enlightened” times Frontal lobotomy surgery, Insulin Shock Therapies and Electro Convulsive Shock treatments. Exorcising demons was an attempt to handle cause, but apart from that, it is arguable as to whether the other therapies were addressing manifestation or cause. As an aside, to me, all these treatments were a manifestation of the frustration experienced by the authorities in the mental health field because of their inability to achieve significant worthwhile results.

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of communication within a creative process.


Case Study by Elizabeth Hughes Holistic Healthcare - Debbie's Story

Debbie was suffering with lower back pain which had spread into her right hip. She was very emotional as she had had a row with her parents during a recent family holiday. Her husband was no longer speaking to her mother and this left Debbie stuck in the middle. 


The understanding of the term chi is very central to understanding many forms of massage including Raynor massage. Chi literally means life force. It can be also spelt Qi and in different cultures can be called prana or sen or spirit. Chi is the underlying energy beneath the physical body. It is the difference between a living body and a dead body.



While more and more people are considering hypnosis for quitting cigarettes, some are surprised to find the treatment may not have been as successful as anticipated. In this article I will share with you the three key elements to successfully quitting smoking with hypnosis permanently. 

Having helped many people quit smoking over the years, below are what I consider to be the 3 key elements when it comes to quitting with hypnosis.


There are many different approaches, styles and philosophies behind the practice of massage therapy. In some places, and by some people, massage is considered a branch of what is termed the healing arts, while other people in some places consider that massage that can be regulated and standardized according to scientific methods and then this is the only legitimate forms of massage. Where does Raynor massage fit into this debate? Raynor massage is based on movement of the chi or prana in the body. We believe that science does not understand and is only beginning to even explore, the nature of the chi or the life force and that is why the description of the life force in ancient oriental massage techniques is more of a poetic nature. The fact that science can’t explain or understand chi or life force, however, does not mean that this doesn’t not exist. It merely shows the limitations of science. For more information about this please see my article What is Chi.

Vibrational remedies, such as flower essences have been in use for some time now. We have recognized their importance and invaluable assistance in sessions - for both the clients’ transformations and the practitioner’s insight into the sessions’ protocol. As vibrational remedies are ‘self-adjusting’ they will facilitate the necessary changes precisely where needed and present themselves with impeccable accuracy and timing. They may arise at any given point during a session - especially once the practitioner is familiar with the qualities and particular frequencies of the particular essences.  

We now know that we are not only made of physical components, biochemical processes and organ systems, but that we also have various overlapping and interdependent energy systems -as individuals and as a collective. The ones that are now mainstream knowledge are the Chakras and Meridians. Not everyone is aware of the higher Chakras, internal meridians and the energy fields of the individual vertebrae. Transformational ground work of the more immediate physical , mental, emotional and lower frequency bodies, chakras and meridians prepares us to allow DNA transformations (on an energetic level !) which in turn enables the downloading of universal virtues into our blueprint - so necessary for the vibrational raise required during these times.


To craft the life which you desire you need to be willing to take full responsibilities for every situation which you encounter in your life. If you can see your part clearly you can learn the lesson presented by a particular situation or pay your karmic debt or do both. By refusing to take responsibilities for your part and putting everything on the other person or people you create extra consequences for you to deal with.

Seeing your part can be confronting and at times unpleasant, however this is the only way to craft your desired life. Other people are in your life to help you to live the life of your choice. You are in their lives to do the same. Nobody can learn their lessons on their own and even less so it is possible to pay your karmic debt to other people without having them in your life.

Raynor Massage is a system of bodywork developed by Australian trained Naturopath Brandon Raynor. It covers not just the muscles of the body but also the skeletal system and the subtle energy systems of the body.

Raynor massage is not performed as a routine massage, although we do have particular techniques, stretches & adjustments that we have developed. Instead, the goal of Raynor massage is to find any residual tightness or blockage in the body & get rid of it. Whatever technique we plan to use, we must always evaluate it against this goal. “Is this move that I am doing helping to get rid of the person tension or not?” is a question that should always be asked.

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