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There is much historical data available concerning the handling of so-called “mental health” issues, which term is derived from the idea that the root cause of emotional problems lies in the mind. The word “mental” is of course an English language expression coined in comparatively recent centuries. From the middle ages Lunatic or Insane asylums were common as was the exorcising of Demons and in the more “enlightened” times Frontal lobotomy surgery, Insulin Shock Therapies and Electro Convulsive Shock treatments. Exorcising demons was an attempt to handle cause, but apart from that, it is arguable as to whether the other therapies were addressing manifestation or cause. As an aside, to me, all these treatments were a manifestation of the frustration experienced by the authorities in the mental health field because of their inability to achieve significant worthwhile results. 

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of communication within a creative process.


Case Study by Elizabeth Hughes Holistic Healthcare - Debbie's Story

Debbie was suffering with lower back pain which had spread into her right hip. She was very emotional as she had had a row with her parents during a recent family holiday. Her husband was no longer speaking to her mother and this left Debbie stuck in the middle. 


The understanding of the term chi is very central to understanding many forms of massage including Raynor massage. Chi literally means life force. It can be also spelt Qi and in different cultures can be called prana or sen or spirit. Chi is the underlying energy beneath the physical body. It is the difference between a living body and a dead body.



While more and more people are considering hypnosis for quitting cigarettes, some are surprised to find the treatment may not have been as successful as anticipated. In this article I will share with you the three key elements to successfully quitting smoking with hypnosis permanently. 

Having helped many people quit smoking over the years, below are what I consider to be the 3 key elements when it comes to quitting with hypnosis.


There are many different approaches, styles and philosophies behind the practice of massage therapy. In some places, and by some people, massage is considered a branch of what is termed the healing arts, while other people in some places consider that massage that can be regulated and standardized according to scientific methods and then this is the only legitimate forms of massage. Where does Raynor massage fit into this debate? Raynor massage is based on movement of the chi or prana in the body. We believe that science does not understand and is only beginning to even explore, the nature of the chi or the life force and that is why the description of the life force in ancient oriental massage techniques is more of a poetic nature. The fact that science can’t explain or understand chi or life force, however, does not mean that this doesn’t not exist. It merely shows the limitations of science. For more information about this please see my article What is Chi.

Vibrational remedies, such as flower essences have been in use for some time now. We have recognized their importance and invaluable assistance in sessions - for both the clients’ transformations and the practitioner’s insight into the sessions’ protocol. As vibrational remedies are ‘self-adjusting’ they will facilitate the necessary changes precisely where needed and present themselves with impeccable accuracy and timing. They may arise at any given point during a session - especially once the practitioner is familiar with the qualities and particular frequencies of the particular essences.  

We now know that we are not only made of physical components, biochemical processes and organ systems, but that we also have various overlapping and interdependent energy systems -as individuals and as a collective. The ones that are now mainstream knowledge are the Chakras and Meridians. Not everyone is aware of the higher Chakras, internal meridians and the energy fields of the individual vertebrae. Transformational ground work of the more immediate physical , mental, emotional and lower frequency bodies, chakras and meridians prepares us to allow DNA transformations (on an energetic level !) which in turn enables the downloading of universal virtues into our blueprint - so necessary for the vibrational raise required during these times.


To craft the life which you desire you need to be willing to take full responsibilities for every situation which you encounter in your life. If you can see your part clearly you can learn the lesson presented by a particular situation or pay your karmic debt or do both. By refusing to take responsibilities for your part and putting everything on the other person or people you create extra consequences for you to deal with.

Seeing your part can be confronting and at times unpleasant, however this is the only way to craft your desired life. Other people are in your life to help you to live the life of your choice. You are in their lives to do the same. Nobody can learn their lessons on their own and even less so it is possible to pay your karmic debt to other people without having them in your life.

Raynor Massage is a system of bodywork developed by Australian trained Naturopath Brandon Raynor. It covers not just the muscles of the body but also the skeletal system and the subtle energy systems of the body.

Raynor massage is not performed as a routine massage, although we do have particular techniques, stretches & adjustments that we have developed. Instead, the goal of Raynor massage is to find any residual tightness or blockage in the body & get rid of it. Whatever technique we plan to use, we must always evaluate it against this goal. “Is this move that I am doing helping to get rid of the person tension or not?” is a question that should always be asked.

Let’s get the elephant out of the room – yes HypnoBirthing® does involve the use of hypnosis in birth and No - no-one ever clucks like a chicken.

HypnoBirthing®, through education and the use of techniques involves the reduction or removal of any fears about childbirth, in order that a birthing woman may be more calm, confident and comfortable throughout her baby’s birth, greatly reducing or totally removing her need for pain relief in labour.

Australian women are now joining the masses around the world and choosing cotton over wax to avoid damaging their facial skin.

Threading, an ancient form of hair removal is commonly found in countries like the UK and the USA and is fast becoming the only way to shape your eyebrows.

Liz See, the founder of Australian company Get Threaded and IICT member, wrote the nationally accredited course for threading explains, “It leaves your eyebrows with a very precise shape, it is not painful and you won’t be left with red and damaged skin.”

I'm sure it wouldn't take a lot of convincing to appreciate that beliefs are just SO powerful in all aspects of our lives. It's absolutely no different at all when it comes to your beliefs about smoking and quitting.

This article will paint a clear picture of this connection that I'm sure will make sense to you.

Causism is a new body of scientific knowledge concerning life. It is the result of over fifty years of independent research into the nature of the human psyche, validated by clinical experience. Its practical component is called the Mace Energy Method (MEM), which has this mission statement: To assist people to be in control of their lives and live their own dreams. Causism is expanding both Australia wide and internationally under the umbrella of the International Association of Causism Practitioners. (IACP)

As a matter of interest we originally called ourselves ‘practitioners’, hence the above name, but in order to comply with government regulations we now operate as counsellors, but have retained the association’s original name.

As a highly experienced counselor and deep tissue Massage therapist with 20 years of working with many different types of people with many differing issues, I wanted to share some of my points of view, experience and knowledge on the role of massage and muscular health.

There are a lot of great Body-workers out there doing beautiful work, and there are a lot of many different methods and styles for people to choose from, which has its good points and it's bad. The positives in having lots of choice are the potential to find some really innovative and creative body worker that can facilitate a mind blowing experience. 

 “Everyone is born with beautiful voice’ Discovering your natural voice is fun, fulfilling and not as tricky as it may seem to some. Working together to re-discover our natural resonant voice is a path to knowing ourselves and re-discovering what makes us tick.

One of them is the ability to truly listen and express how you feel. Really it first starts in our own backyard, that is, with ourselves.

We have often been working at life through a veil of old beliefs. Feelings of ‘I don’t deserve to be heard’, or having to push to be heard, are pushed aside as we ‘do our best ‘ to be part of our families and society. 

It is impossible to get out of the head/mind and in to the heart because they are organs of your one body. You HAVE the mind and you HAVE the heart just as you have lungs, kidney and liver. If somebody will tell you: “If only you can learn to get out of your liver and in to your kidney – all of your problems will be solved at ones!” you would most likely think that that person is crazy, to say the least. However, it became acceptable that we can travel from our head and into the heart in order to solve our issues.

This is just another excuse which we use in order to procrastinate with our spiritual evolution. This is just another excuse to play the familiar game “I am the victim of my circumstances” and because I am in my head and I just can’t find the right route in to heart, I’ll stay where I am. To look like I am doing something and at the same time to fit with the modern trend of spirituality I will look for meditation and yoga classes. That will buy me some more time and then something else will come…as long the road from my head and in to my heart is not cleared I can’t see the way and can’t hear directions from the Universe.

For years critics around the world have been saying it isn't possible, but for almost 40 years we have been proving them wrong.  Yes, we can train teachers via Distance Education and we do.  We believe our teachers are some of the best in the business.  They have a greater knowledge and scope of training than those people who have become yoga teachers through the "quickie" yoga schools.   Who can learn yoga in 2-4 weeks?  No-one! 

The "quickie courses" that I have explored teach the basic asanas and teaching methods, a grasp of anatomy and physiology, some chants, maybe the mudras, but they really haven't got the time or resources to do more in the time they allot to a course.   They often say they do more than they actually have time to do.  We teach the lot, and our students choose their own learning method and time frame.  We build our course around their schedule.  

I thought I was ready for motherhood, I think most of us do.  

The truth is that from the moment I fell pregnant I was overwhelmed.

I allowed my doctor to become my higher wisdom and I let go of all my innate intelligence.  After a traumatic birthing experience, I was convinced of my failure as a mother when I could not get my baby to stop crying or to go to sleep.

Several more experiences unfolded that reflected the turmoil within and I completely succumbed to the inner voice that told me I was pathetic and unable to cope.

Causism is a new body of scientific knowledge concerning life. It is the result of over fifty years of independent research into the nature of the human psyche, validated by clinical experience. Its practical component is called the Mace Energy Method (MEM), which has this mission statement: To assist people to be in control of their lives and live their own dreams. Causism is expanding both Australia wide and internationally under the umbrella of the International Association of Causism Practitioners. (IACP)

This technique was developed by Pierre Daavid and is a combination of ancient and modern knowledge from around the world. 

You have probably heard how your body’s “auto repair” system can be stimulated through reflex points on the feet, the hands and the ears. Daavid Therapy uses these principles and intensifies their effect by applying them to reflex points all over the body. These reflex points are concentrated on areas such as the feet, the hands, the collar bone, the ears, the face, the skull and the back. Each of these reflex areas is a full representation of the Human Body.

Geoff and I decided to establish this course in order to bring back the basics and foundations of our work with spirit and to share with those who cross our paths. This is the first extract a six part series and look forward to your responses over the coming editions.

Now let’s get back to basics and talk about grounding. It is nice to be out working with spirit and giving messages, but we need to be reminded that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience and without this knowledge it can go so wrong.

As a physical being we have made a contract to come to earth in order for us to learn particular lessons, achievements and understanding, whilst here on earth. If we just wanted to work with spirit, then why are we not in the spirit world doing just that?

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