18 May, 2013

Aperture Prescribing ™ in Homeopathy

Written by  Dhanistha Devi Dasi
Aperture Prescribing ™ in Homeopathy Aperture Prescribing ™ in Homeopathy

Aperture Prescribing ™ is a technique which examines not only the sequence of events occurring physically, emotionally and spiritually in a patient’s life, but includes close consideration of the observable fragments which are seen like shards from a mirror glinting through the observable surface problem.

Most especially in children suffering from auto-toxin damage either directly, or indirectly via their parents, it is vital to recognize this message from the soul who is placed behind the mess, yet is still present and functioning, albeit in a very limited and often disturbing fashion.  This is no criticism, as the “disturbance” covers all the responses which are not expressions either physically or emotionally of “the who they really are”.


Via the prescribing not only of the auto-toxic nosodes required, along with full organ and system support, but a practical and sensible use of the endocrine system nosodes, we are able to draw out more of the glimmer of the whole person who is placed behind what appears to be a concrete layer of damage at all levels.

At times this glimpse is quite small.  However, by prescribing for what is seen they can be encouraged to perceive a safety to be present, no matter how intensely shocked they have become.   Once they perceive safety, a greater percentage of energy is released into the body, allowing further healing to occur and also, allowing a greater more present interaction with their family and those around them.

It has to be remembered that these children have their own “perception of what has happened to them”.   This is no fault of the parents.  Perceptual experience is what we all have as children, whether there is damage present or not.  As Buddha said, “If it affects you, it is real”.

For example, there may be an underlying birth trauma behind the autotoxins, which needs addressing.  There may be an in utero experience which is still lingering or certain other intense experiences or feelings.   These are all valid for the child.   These are all chapters in the story which has started with their life.

Sometimes, children truly are angry over what has happened to them.   This is quite common.   They have their own definite emotional reaction towards their loss of connection or stability.  Often, they may return in wonderment, because they have been “somewhere out there, because it certainly ain’t safe here”.   This later experience is quite definitely vaccine related.  The message behind vaccines is “it is not safe to be here”.

When children come, they often present similar symptoms on whichever spectrum that they have been diagnosed on.   These are simply generalized reactions, to a greater or lesser extent.   Shrouded in these symptoms is who this child really is.   It is a vital part of this approach to Aperture Prescribing ™ that the homeopathy hones in literally, to encourage the “who they really are” to emerge.

The prescriptions may seem quite different to Classical style prescribing which in 25years of experience as homeopath I have found to work only on truly healthy unvaccinated subjects.   They do exist.   At that juncture, single dose prescribing is a gem.   However, to engage this style of prescribing when dealing with these children it is not an appropriate exercise.

It is also vital to the child for the parents to be treated homeopathically.   The fetus is formed in an amniotic sac, filled with fluid.   This is their physical “fluid body” However, there is more going on here than that.  There are family fluid bodies.   Fluid bodies which connect us to friends and colleagues and so it goes on.  

In this particular instance, we are dealing with the family fluid body.  I am using the word “fluid” here to represent a vital energy which connects the family.  By treating the child it changes the family.  By treating the parents we are helping to change the child.  At this juncture I am not using the word “change” to imply a movement towards something.  I am using it to describe the “return” of the child to” who they are”.  In other words their original healthy state.

Parents who have lived through the diagnosis and suffering involved, both personal and observable through rearing a child in these circumstances are holding  a host of post traumatic type symptoms which are recognizable both physically and emotionally.   To relieve them of this burden and have these parents operating from a healthy functioning resonance is of prime importance.  One can clearly see that when adaptability forms part of day to day responses, that there is a level of health returning.  Putting it simply, it is a long exhale and a relaxation.   Such an outbreath, a relaxation certainly provides a better environment for all concerned and it is surely much more conducive not only for healing but for healthy child rearing.

The students at the Dhanvantari College of Homeopath are trained in this specialized approach.   It is a unique method of prescribing taught only in the context of this College and was devised by its Principal, Dhanistha Devi Dasi.


  • Comment Link Vilma Jurkovic 14 Jun, 2013 posted by Vilma Jurkovic

    My son has Autism and Aperture Homeopathy is helping my son blossom into the amazing young man he is. I love AH because it takes everything into account. Forever grateful to Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy.

  • Comment Link bec mar 10 Jun, 2013 posted by bec mar

    Feeling extremely grateful for aperture homeopathy. It has helped my family significantly. Thank you Dhavantari College.

  • Comment Link Anita 10 Jun, 2013 posted by Anita

    brilliant form of therapy for your health for all ages..which has absolutely no side effects except positive outcomes.

  • Comment Link Clare Deale 10 Jun, 2013 posted by Clare Deale

    Aperture homeopathy has had a profound positive effect on all the members of my Family particularly my Autistic son.I have tried so many things from diet,biomedicine,conventional medicine etc.But the results we have had are nothing short of amazing & I would love other Families out to experience the healing we have.Thank you to all the wonderful students & principal of "The Dhanvantari College.

  • Comment Link kathryne Lanne 10 Jun, 2013 posted by kathryne Lanne

    Aperture Homeopathy has changed my life, within a matter of weeks after having having had various prescribing from Naturopathic ad Chinese medicines for 5 years.. I would just like to express my gratitude to Dhanistha Dasi and the Dhanvantari College for the support they have given me.

  • Comment Link Tania Kiara 10 Jun, 2013 posted by Tania Kiara

    all i can say is WOW... the journey for my children and myself has been amazing :) We have done many things to support our children with needs but Aperture Prescribing has been the one thing to marry it all together ! Thank you to Dhanvantri College of Homeopathy.

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