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At the IICT we want you to have a fantastic service experience from start to finish. Our staff are not just keen to make you happy, they are kind of fanatical about it. If there is anything you think we can improve, we want to hear from you.

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Quality Service Satisfaction Guarantee

Our pledge is to provide you with 100% fast, efficient and friendly service. We promise to do our best to deliver on time, every time.

As a new customer or existing customer we realise that without your continued business, we're out of business. That is why we do not see you as a customer for now but an IICT shareholder in our business for life.

The IICT's Quality Service Pledge:

  • To provide our Customers with fast, efficient and friendly service on time, every time.
  • Our Customers are the most important people in our business
  • Our Customers are not dependent on us, we are dependent on our Customers
  • Our Customers are not an interruption to our work, we are working for our Customers

200% Guarantee
Relax! All memberships come with a 90 day, 200%, Double your Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Try IICT membership for 90 days and if we didn't perform exactly as we promised, we will refund double your membership fee, no questions asked!

The 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee is only redeemable after 90 days from the date of joining IICT as a new member.

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