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Affiliate Membership

Denote your professional affiliation with IICT

Affiliate Membership is the IICT's low cost alternative for practitioners who do not hold formal qualifications and who practice modalities in the category of Psychic arts.

Affiliate membership enables practitioners who give readings and the like to gain professional membership and access to our members discounted practitioner insurance.

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Membership Details

IICT 100% Certified Membership Sticker

Affiliate Membership Benefits include:Affilliate membership for pyschics, tarot readers and alike

  • Access to Member Resources discounts on affiliated products and services
  • Option to join the IICT Practitioners Directory
  • Advertising approval to use the IICT logo and name to denote your professional affiliation
  • Approval for members referral rewards program
  • Access to members discounted practitioner insurance

All this for only $69 pa

As an Affiliate Member you can use your affiliation to bolster your professional qualifications through advertising and utilising our seal on your promotional materials.

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All Affiliate Members also qualify for a discounted Practitioner Insurance cover with our brokers Arthur J. Gallagher which can be taken out once your membership has been verified and approved.

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For full details about Affiliate Membership and the requirements for joining IICT, please click on the topics below:

Affiliate Membership for Psychics, Tarot Readers, Clairvoyants, Channels, Mediums, Numerologists, Astrologers and Palmists

The IICT is proud to announce our newest level of membership which has been tailored specifically for Psychics, Clairvoyants and Tarot readers.
The IICT offers membership and Insurance for anyone practising the following arts:

  • Angel Card Reading
  • Animal Communication
  • Astrology (incl. Chinese Astrology)
  • Channeling
  • Clairvoyants
  • Coffee/Tea Reading (Tasseography)
  • Crystal Healing/Therapy
  • Flower Reading   
  • I-Ching Reading
  • Intuitive Card Reading 
  • Mediums
  • Numerology
  • Oracle Card Reading
  • Palmistry
  • Palm Energy Reading
  • Pet Psychics
  • Psychics
  • Psychometry
  • Runes
  • Spiritual Healers
  • Tarot Card Reading   
  • Telephone and Email Readings

This new level of IICT membership offers affiliation with the IICT for practitioners who do not hold qualifications. It is a membership where qualifications (for the most part) are not applicable.

Some of the Benefits of Affiliate Membership

  • Provides cover for Psychic fairs and expos, without the need to pay high fees for short term public liability insurance ($10 million public liability cover is standard on all policies)
  • Affiliate members are insured for readings at home and world-wide* - excludes USA and Canada
  • Denotes your affiliation and increase your credibility.
  • The IICT is the only professional body who offers insurance for psychics.
  • No qualifications are necessary to join the IICT as an Affiliate Member.

Unlike Associate Membership, Affiliate Members are not allowed to upgrade their status to Associate or Full Membership as these levels are only available for practitioners who hold recognised qualifications in natural therapies.

Conditions for joining as an IICT Affiliate Member

The IICT takes all necessary steps to ensure our members offer a credible and quality treatment or service prior to being approved as an IICT member. For Associate and Full members, qualifications are submitted and referenced as a way to verify the practitioners credibility.

However, for Affiliate members where qualifications are not applicable, we require the following information to approve a membership.

These include:

  • Providing a brief description of the services/practices offered (for example: tarot or psychics readings etc).
  • Providing a brief history of the applicants practice, including business name registration (if applicable), ABN, website link, and any affiliations or memberships they hold with other professional bodies or organisations.
  • How long the applicant has been in practice (eg: months/years?).
  • Agreeing to abide by the IICT's Code of Ethics.
  • Providing three client or industry professional testimonials to verify the applicants credibility and services. Testimonials submitted need to reference what services were received and include the full name and contact details (including either an email address or phone number) of the person providing the testimonial in order for the IICT to verify the testimonial.

If you are interested in joining the IICT as an Affiliate Member:

Provided the applicant has submitted the required information, in most cases Affiliate Membership will be granted thereby allowing the member access to the Affiliate membership benefits.

Note: If you practice a modality that provides qualifications and you are certified in this modality, you can apply for either Associate or Full IICT Membership. However, if you are a student in training for such a modality or practice a modality that provides certification and you have no qualifications you cannot become an IICT member until you are qualified. This excludes the above Affiliate member modalities listed on this page.

Conditions for existing IICT Members

The IICT recognises that a great many of our existing members also practice some of the above mentioned practices as well as the modalities they have qualifications in.

For existing Full and Associate Members wishing to add the Affiliate modalities to their current membership and to have these additional practices and services added to their insurance policy, the procedure is as follows:

To update the IICT and have Affiliate modalities added the Full or Associate Member must submit the following:
Provide a brief description of the services/practices offered (for example: tarot readings, psychics readings etc)
Provide a brief history of the applicants practice, including business name registration (if applicable), ABN, website link, and any affiliations or memberships they hold with other professional bodies or organisations
How long they have been in practice (eg: months/years?)
Provide three client or industry professional testimonials to verify the credibility and services of the member in relation to the above mentioned services offered.
The other major condition for adding these practices is in regards to advertising.

An existing Associate or Full member may only advertise themselves in accordance with the modalities and practices they hold qualifications in and those that have been approved by the IICT for this level of membership.

In the event an Associate or Full member who provides services which come under the IICT's Affiliate level of membership, the member is not allowed to publicly advertise services in accordance with denoting an Associate or Full membership, but must advertise these services separately . 

For example, a qualified Full member who is certified as a massage practitioner who also offers psychic readings is not allowed to advertise in the same advertisement both services with - IICT Full Member listed.

If you are an existing Associate or Full IICT member you can submit the above mentioned details to the IICT to include your Affiliate modalities to your file.

To submit your details to the IICT CLICK HERE

Once you have submitted these details please advise Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers of this to enable these practices to be added to your existing insurance policy.

To submit your details for insurance purposes to Arthur J. Gallagher This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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green tick No continued education requirements to join IICT

green tick Members discounted practitioner insurance for all your modalities

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What Members Say

  • Title1

    "IICT has enabled me to get reasonably priced insurance through a reputable insurer for my business. Being a member and having a practitioner listing also gives a "professional edge" in such a competitive industry. This in turn has enabled me to generate a successful client base. Thank you IICT".
    Melissa J Briggs Therapeutic & Relaxation Therapist Pure Therapies, IICT Member
  • Title2

    "IICT is an excellent professional body for members of the complementary therapy industry. It provides support, advice and insurance giving a feeling of security to patients that a therapist is a member of a credible organization."
    Vanessa van der Kramer, IICT Member
  • "I would like to commend IICT on excellent customer service and thank management for providing full support to their members as well as helping to promote member’s businesses. I am very happy with the services IICT provides to their members and find membership fees to be very appropriate. I would highly and gladly recommend IICT to everyone."
    Erishka Fridman-Catt, IICT Member