Feng Shui and Fertility


When we look at this subject I am sure you agree with me that there are many aspects to it. Unfortunately there is little information for healthy and natural conception. From a Feng Shui perspective, I would recommend to balance the home first before seeking any treatment.


If a home does not support the couple to conceive naturally, it most likely can create obstacles in conceiving through any other method.


What to look out for in your home.

  1. Make sure that the Children and Creative Project Sector in your home is not cut out as it could be the case of a U-shaped home. If this sector is missing this could create difficulty in conceiving. (if you are not sure where the Children and Creative Project Sector is in your home, contact us)
  2. If this sector is part of your home, make sure it is cluttered free and if possible create a space for the child you desire.
  3. The next place you should focus on in your home is your bedroom. Clear all unnecessary items from the tops of the dressers, closets, and anything on the floor that could block the flow of energy. Clutter is destructive to the positive Feng Shui energies and therefore damaging to any conception attempts. Make sure your bedroom is encouraging comfort and relaxation for both of you.
  4. As Feng Shui focuses on balance and harmony in every aspect of a person’s life especially the relationship between the couple, the positive and nurturing energies can aid in the conception of a baby.
  5. A damaging effect on fertility can be caused by a blocked front door. It prevents positive energy from entering the home hence it is detrimental to all aspects of a harmonious life and is definitely not helpful for a healthy and natural conception process.
  6. It is no secret that being at peace and harmony within yourself and life is one of the best ways to encourage the positive chi needed to conceive your baby.
  7. Time spent in the country or on the sea to relax from the daily stress can do wonders.


If you seek help to create a balanced and harmonious environment call (02) 4388 2160.



About the Author:

Marlih Jung

Bliss Feng Shui Consultancy




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