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4 Memberships for Every Therapists Needs

Student Membership

Student Membership for practitioners in training. If you've enrolled, you qualify to become a Student member from just $1*!

  • Student Membership is IICT's low cost alternative for students who wish to gain professional membership & access to our members discounted practitioner insurance.
  • Access to Member Resources discounts on affiliated products and services.
  • Access to members discount student insurance cover.
  • Professional Student Membership Certificate

$1 for first year
$1 for the first year!
$39 pa thereafter
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Associate Membership

Budget Membership Solution for Qualified Practitioners and Therapists seeking Professional Affiliation and Insurance

  • IICT's low cost alternative for qualified practitioners who wish to gain professional membership and access to our members discounted practitioner insurance.
  • No matter how many modalities you do, IICT has you covered.
  • Access to Member Resources discounts on affiliated products and services.
  • Advertising approval to use the IICT logo and name to denote your professional affiliation.

Best Value
$1.52 a week
$79.00 pa.
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Full Membership

Full Membership is the IICT's second most comprehensive membership package which features these additional bonuses:

  • Free Access to New Modality Requests - Normally $299 (all international regions)
  • Access to our extensive range of Affiliate Courses and training by our recommended Approved Training Providers
  • Free Directory Listing $59.00 Value
  • Access to members Discounted Insurance
  • (Total value: $358!)

Most Popular
$2.67 a week
$139.00 pa.
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Executive Membership

Executive Membership is the IICT's most comprehensive membership package which features all Full Member benefits, PLUS:

  • Free Business Growth Kit ($379 value) Will accelerate your business growth to new horizions!
  • Free Marketing Audit ($597 value) Discover how to adjust your marketing direction to deliver outstanding results.
  • Free Marketing Toolkit ($97 value) Top Marketing tips to grow your business fast.
  • Free Facebook Presence Guide ($497 value)* x4 Video tutorials from leading Facebook authority.
  • (Total FREE value: $1,570)

Feature Packed
$3.82 a week
$199.00 pa.
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Why 8,000+ Members in 26 Countries World-Wide choose IICT

  • All your modalities covered under one membership
  • Discounts off further education and training
  • Discount Specialist Insurance packages
  • No Continued Professional Development (CPD) requirements
  • World-wide Practitioner Insurance cover
  • Free marketing and business audits
  • International and online qualifications accepted
  • 200% double your money back guarantee
  • Members resources and marketing tools
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IICT Group Membership for 100 Practitioners or more

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The Common Mistakes you Must Avoid before Choosing an Association

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If you’re a natural therapist there will come a point when professional affiliation and insurance becomes a necessary step in your business’ progression. While the task of choosing what is right for you as an individual may seem daunting – especially when wading through the layered jargon of associations and insurance providers – you can take heart with the knowledge that there is a viable alternative.

The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) makes finding membership and insurance a stress-free and straightforward exercise.


How IICT helped these members...

Your Internationally Recognised Qualification

image description Boost your Credibility!

IICT Membership not only provides you with affiliation with our internationally recognised professional body, it give you access to our huge network of allied health professionals in 26 countries. We have memberships to suit every therapy and therapist. From Students in training to fully qualified professionals.

Meet the Founder

A Special message from IICT Founder and CEO, Lawrence Ellyard.

image description At IICT, everything we do and believe in is about challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently about membership and truly serving our members based on what they need over what we assume their needs might be. Unlike many associations who dictate what therapists must do...


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