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FAQs - Insurance FAQ’s

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No-one understands the risks of the health industry like Aon. Aon is one of the world’s leading insurance brokers, proudly helping protect over 45,000 health professionals and


 over 15,000 complementary medicine health practitioners. Their policies cover over 1,000 modalities and they negotiate strongly with insurers to offer tailored professional indemnity insurance, at competitive prices.

They work with many of the largest health-related associations and understand our profession intimately. For more information on Aon’s experience and services visit

Vero are the underwriter for the IICT/ Aon combined professional indemnity and public liability insurance program. Vero are one of Australia’s largest and most successful intermediated general insurance companies, who use the services of insurance brokers, like Aon, to distribute and service their insurance products.

Vero are committed to providing insurance solutions and service – two things that are important to you and the success of your business. So you can expect: expertise in underwriting, responsive and streamlined claims services, and products and services designed for you and your needs.

IICT has partnered with Aon to negotiate and deliver a tailored and competitive insurance offer to our members. Unlike a direct insurer, Aon is able to work with a number of insurance companies to negotiate a competitive price to our members and advocate on your behalf in the event of a claim. Aon has been chosen due to their:

• Tailored cover at Competitive premiums

• Legal support provided in the event of a claim + 2 hours of free legal advice for ANY business matter.

• Easy buy on-line tool and experienced, professional staff

• Claims support

• Risk management support

For current members, look out of for emails from IICT. They provide you with a link to the Aon IICT Member insurance offer and once on Aon’s page, it takes just 4 easy steps to buy your insurance online and switch. If you’d rather not wait, just call Aon on 1800 805 191.

For new members to IICT, just visit and you can take out a policy.

Aon has friendly, professional and experienced staff ready to answer your questions. Phone 1800 805 191 or email

You are not penalised for holding dual insurance policies, however you don’t need to and can save money. If you hold a policy with another insurance provider, once you have your Aon paperwork in place, contact the prior insurer to request a cancellation. Please note, most insurers will provide a refund, but some charge an administrative fee to cancel.

If you have an insurance policy with Aon, you will be entitled to the discounted price on your next renewal. In regards the special offer of 18 months for 12, only new clients to Aon are eligible.

Aon’s policy has an unlimited retroactive date which means it will cover you for as far back as you have undertaken the insured modalities, with the only condition being that you are not aware of any issue that may create a claim. If you are, you need to let Aon know when you apply. Aon will, in most cases, still be able to get you cover, but it is a condition of your insurance you let us know.

No, you are covered for all the modalities for which you are insured – you simply have to have them noted on your policy documentation. As you learn more modalities simply advise Aon and we will add them to your policy for no additional cost.

Undertaking community or volunteer work is great way to be part of a community, but regardless of whether you are paid, it is still considered providing a professional service – if you are practising your modality. The great news is if you do any volunteer work at a charity or community event, in the form of the modality in which you are qualified, then you’re covered for claims.

You will need to advise Aon as you will be eligible for a different policy with different conditions and price.

Yes, however the price and cover maybe significantly higher – call Aon on 1800 805 191 for more information.

Aon offer monthly premium instalments. Call 1800 805 191 and we can set this up for you.

If you have applied and paid for a new policy on Aon’s website, you will receive your certificate of currency via email within 24 hours of applying.

Otherwise, you should receive your certificate of currency within 5 – 10 business days of payment. Should you require one urgently, please contact Aon on 1800 805 191.

Your limit of indemnity should be based on what you assess your risk to be in the work that you do. Remember, it is always better to be over-insured than under-insured in the event of a claim.

Yes, you are covered for consultations in these forms.

Important: The territorial limits of the policy may not cover all areas of the world in which you are offering these services. Please call Aon if you are offering your services to clients outside of Australia. Call 1800 805 191

Our policies are mobile and follow you wherever you practice.

In order to be covered for claims arising during your parental leave, you need to ensure your policy remains current.

You should notify a claim or circumstance to Aon if you receive a complaint regarding your services, or notification from someone that they wish to be compensated in respect to injury or property damage.

The free legal advice provided by Aon’s combined Professional Indemnity, Public and Products Liability Insurance is for general legal advice, i.e. advice about employment contract terms etc.

If you have a claim, your policy will provide legal advice as part of the response and this is what your insurance policy is there to do. Beyond claims or insurance-related matters, with the Aon policy you also get 2 hours of free legal advice per year for any matters relating to your business. To access this benefit, the law firm’s details are on the insurance documents you receive after payment.

No, as Aon’s combined Professional Indemnity, Public and Products Liability Insurance is written on a claims-made basis, Aon is unable to offer short-term policies. If you are ceasing practice, you may be eligible for run-off cover to protect you from any claims that may arise after you retire. The free run-off cover is only available if the policy period (12 months) in which you cease practice, is paid in full.

Our policy protects the practitioner for complaints regarding your service and is priced for sole practitioner as most businesses are structured this way. This lets the insurance policy “move” with the practitioners who change employers or work for themselves. It does provide insurance for staff working for you or students under your supervision, but not practitioners.

If you want to protect employees for accidents they may sustain in their work, or protect your business from employees claiming your business should compensate them for another matter, please call Aon for further information on 1800 805 191.


You should receive your renewal documents one month before your policy expires. Renewing is simple, if nothing has changed or there are no matters of concern to advise to Aon, simply pay your invoice.